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    What is a handmade carpet?

    A carpet is a type of hand-woven underlay that is made from cotton, wool and silk fibers, which depends on the type of carpet. The difference between the carpet and other hand-woven carpets, including kilims, is the presence of knots and piles in the carpet. Carpets are used to beautify homes and for more comfort. According to reliable sources, carpet and carpet weaving started in Asia. The oldest carpet in the world, known as Pazyryk carpet, was found by a group of Russian archaeologists led by Professor Rudenko in excavations in the Altai region of Southern Siberia. This carpet has motifs of horse riders and grazing deer, which are similar to the motifs of Persepolis. Most researchers consider this carpet to be handwoven from the Achaemenid period. What are the famous Iranian carpets? Kashan rug The most important characteristic of Kashan carpets is their very delicate texture, and for this reason, Kashan carpet designs have a beautiful appearance. The presence of a dark red background color with a navy border is considered one of the main features of Kashan carpets. In the past, vivid colors with high contrast were used in weaving carpets, but nowadays mostly soft colors are used. …

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